1969 Logo1969 Records is an independent label set up in 2005 by a bunch of music fans who are sick of too much style and not enough substance in the rock and pop world of today. This Dublin-based label aims to support artists with real talent and help them get their music out to a wider audience...

Latest News Update

July 11 - UPDATE.

Hello Everybody,

It has been quiet here in 1969 Records for a while, but we are going to change that in the near future.

Firstly, there is a new Pugwash single available - "Answers on a Postcard" - which precedes the new Pugwash album - "The Olympus Sound" - which will be released on 24 August.

The single is available to download now and you can get it now!

We have got a very limited and exclusive vinyl 7" single of the new single b/w - Heal Me - and that looks like it is going to be one of the most sought after items, for Pugwash and 1969 releases.

It is only being made available on line and at some promotional shows to the release of the album, so if you want to pick up a copy of it, you will need to get on to it now.

On the subject of new releases, we have Paul Bohan's 2011 release "Inside and Out" available at the shop.

This is a great little pop record and features contributions from a literal cast of thousands, including Thomas and Tosh from Pugwash, Frank Kearns, Wayne Sheedy and Elton Mulally.

For fans of 1969 Records output generally, there will be plenty to enjoy in this.

We have also had a technical problem in that we haven't had the Ghandis' album up for sale yet. That has obviously been rectified, and you will be glad to know that the Ghandis are working on new material for their next release.

We are hoping for releases in the coming months by some of the other acts on the label and we will keep you posted as to that when it happens.


Fall Down - Pugwash
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"Fall Down" is the second single to be taken from the Pugwash album - The Olympus Sound- again in a beautiful limited edition 7 inch vinyl pressing, the sleeve and inlay are classic EMI, with a bit of 1969 Records thrown in for good measure. Described a "yacht rock"... a new form of music to us...Fall Down is lush, powerful and a melodic overload of pop harmony perfection. Grab it quick!!!!

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The Duckworth Lewis Method - The Duckworth Lewis Method Go and get your pads on, take your place in the sun, and salivate in expectation for the sound of Summer '09


The Pale - Proper Order Recording Proper Order started the greatest adventure the band have embarked on so far, with the genesis of the album beginning in eastern europe and finishing in Ireland. The band are reported to be "Very Very Very Happy" with completing the record and excited by the prospect of touring the new material.


Niall Colfer - FindsFinds is Niallís first solo project. Playing many of the instruments on these new tracks himself, Niall has honed a distinctive style; a hushed confidence of melody and groove, inside disco, rock and sometimes even folk


Pugwash - Eleven Modern Antiquities Pugwash follow up their most critically and commercially successful album 'Jollity' with their second '1969 Records' release entitled 'Eleven Modern Antiquities'. What we have is an amalgam of Thomas Walsh's songs and vision brought to the public ear by an orchestra of famed and highly respected musicians.


Couse & the Impossible Over the course of the last few years The Pale have collaborated with a number of different artists and their main strength as a group is that they always think outside the box. As the group have toured they have added and subtracted instruments and players to the line-up. The mainstay of the group has remained to be the unique sound conjured up by Matthew and Shane.


Couse & the ImpossibleListen to samples of the 2006 Meteor nominated 'Best Album' - The World Should Know - by Couse & The Impossible - generally regarded by critics and public alike as a great return to form for the legendary Dave Couse with his new band, "The Impossible".


JollitySince releasing their debut power-pop album in 1999, 'Almond Tea', Pugwash, aka songwriter Thomas Walsh and friends,has become an instant favourite of Irish and British music critics alike.