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July 11 - UPDATE

Hello Everybody,

It has been quiet here in 1969 Records for a while, but we are going to change that in the near future.

Firstly, there is a new Pugwash single available – “Answers on a Postcard” – which precedes the new Pugwash album – “The Olympus Sound” – which will be released on 24 August.

The single is available to download now and you can get it now!

We have got a very limited and exclusive vinyl 7” single of the new single b/w – Heal Me- and that looks like it is going to be one of the most sought after items, for Pugwash and 1969 releases.

It is only being made available on line and at some promotional shows to the release of the album, so if you want to pick up a copy of it, you will need to get on to it now.

On the subject of new releases, we have Paul Bohan’s 2011 release “Inside and Out” available at the shop.

This is a great little pop record and features contributions from a literal cast of thousands, including Thomas and Tosh from Pugwash, Frank Kearns, Wayne Sheedy and Elton Mulally.

For fans of 1969 Records output generally, there will be plenty to enjoy in this.

We have also had a technical problem in that we haven’t had the Ghandis’ album up for sale yet. That has obviously been rectified, and you will be glad to know that the Ghandis are working on new material for their next release.

We are hoping for releases in the coming months by some of the other acts on the label and we will keep you posted as to that when it happens.

July 09 - UPDATE

Hi all, with the balmy summer evenings, the Ashes on in England and everything is perfectly seasonal.

For anyone who has not been paying any attention to any music media in the last month or so, 1969 Records and Divine Comedy Records are very proud to present the self titled Duckworth Lewis Method cd which is available now in all good stores and for digital download.

You can purchase your own copy here at the shop and keep an eye out for the DLM (as they are affectionately known) at the Latitude festival on Friday 17 July and at the Electric Picnic in Stradbally in September.

There will be a few other dates coming up here and there and we will keep you posted on those.

More effectively to keep yourselves updated check the cricketastic website designed by 1969 web master Micky Kelleher and which has been getting tonnes of traffic in its first few days.

There is plenty to do there and well worth a visit.

On a serious note, but still equally important for us, we are also making available on the website for sale the Sparks 'n Mind compilation which we recently released in support of the Aware charity. For anyone who does not know, Aware is the organisation which assists sufferers from depression and their families in Ireland.

It is a great cause and one we are very happy and proud to be associated with, but not only that, the CD release itself, which has been primarily recorded by students of the Sound Traing Centre in Temple Bar, and was primarily recorded in Temple Lane Studios.The cd features some of the cream of Irish rock and pop talent doing well known covers a couple of originals thrown in.

There are such established acts as BellX1, our own Dave Couse with Frank Kearns, Lisa Hannigan, the Republic of Loose and The Thrills and Damien Dempsey as well as some more up and coming bands like the Flaws and Ham Sandwich, Dirty Epics and LeGalaxie.

In any event, this is not only as a worthwhile purchase (at a very reasonable price!!) but there is some great music to hear there as well.

All proceeds go to Aware so if you have got a spare tenner floating around you will do well to spend it on a better cause this summer.

Ok that it is for the moment, watch out for more detail updates coming soon and we hope everybody and enjoys getting stuck into the cricket!!

1969 Records.


Hey everybody,

As we kick into what will hopefully be a great summer in 2009, the 1969 website has been badly in need of an update over the last couple of months. Suffice to say we have been working our socks off in terms of getting some great music to you in 2009 and as a result, its only now that we have had the opportunity to look at bringing things up to speed.

There has been so much going on where to start??? Where to start???

March saw the release on 1969 Records of Niall Colfer's debut solo album - Finds - we at 1969 Records have been a fan of Niall for a number of years and over the last twelve to eighteen months he has put the finishing touches to some tremendous songs on what's extensively a home recorded album. There is some terrific tracks on the record and if you go to the shop you can have a listen to a couple of those tracks prior to purchase. Niall, who hails from Wexford, was previously a stall worth in Irish indie favourites Salthouse but his songwriting, playing and singing have all developed exponentially with this new record. Hot Press said that they would be very surprised if you heard a better pop song in 2009 than "Blind Eye" which is going to be the next single from the album. We will have news on that soon but it will be a digital download only release with a limited number of copies for sale online here in the shop. More of that anon.

Niall will be gigging around the country over the course of the summer so keep an eye out in the local listings for that. You will get details on

Following on from 2007's -The Contents of a Shipwreck- the Pale release Proper Order on May 8 with a launch gig the night before in Whelan's (Thursday May 7) with support from Mullingar all round great guys, the Aftermath. Proper Order clocks in at under thirty minutes long but contains some of the band's most concise and precise song writing yet. Tracks include You Play Indie Music, Lights out Boys, Jump and Proper Order itself and we were all delighted with the tougher sound of the band owing in part to Darren Flynn's excellent production and Matthew moving on to a beautiful Fender telecaster for some of the bigger tracks.

As with Niall, the Pale will be touring around the country over the course of the summer and in fact have been invited to the Czech Republic and Slovakia to headline some festivals in late July. We will hopefully be able to bring you some updates nearer the time with confirmations as to where and when so any of our friends in the Czech Republic or Slovakia will get an opportunity catch the lads live. They recently played a warm up gig in Odessa in Dublin to great acclaim and it was great to see so many of their musician fans out in force to support them on the night. We will hopefully see all of you over the course of the summer at what are going to be some really rocking shows. You can pick a copy of the album at the shop.

The Gandhis are continuing to move along a pace with the recording of their debut album. It is beginning to sound really really great and you can get an idea of that from the latest download only single - A Guy Like Me which is available here. If you go to you will be able to see a video that the lads recorded of the track and very fine it is too. Unfortunately with the recent demise of the Nightshift from Channel 6 (cheers to Elton and Michelle and all the Nightshift guys and thanks for everything over the years) there is very few real outlets for videos in Ireland any longer. We will continue to try and get as much video footage as possible to you and keep you posted where it is available. We are hoping to be updating the website ourselves in the next couple of months to be able to carry more video footage of all our bands.

Staying with the Gandhis, they recently played their first downstairs gig in Whelan's as headliners and stuffed the joint on Easter Saturday last. Anyone who was there will attest as to how strong they are beginning to get as a live act and we are hoping to have them back in Whelan's very soon as well as getting a few dates around the country for all the other girls and boys who want to catch this band on the way up.

There is so much happening with regard to Pugwash, it is difficult to know where to start. Lets try:
1. Giddy comes out on Ape House Music in September. This is going to be the first real release into the UK for Pugwash. Ape have been loving the band for a number of years and anyone who is familiar with the Pugwash scene will know the connections that are there. We thought that now was the time to do it and as a result were delighted to be able to licence this great music to Ape with a view to expanding and building on what's been a good year or so for Thomas and the lads in Pugwash. We will carry some copies of the CD when it is available so keep checking out here for updates. Obviously Giddy, being a compilation draws from all of the four studio albums the bands have released to date, two of which are available here at the shop anyway so if people do not already have these albums, get them now while they are still available. We will also hopefully be looking at doing something more formal in relation to the back catalogue in due course also.

2. Not content with just coordinating an assault on the UK, Thomas has also found the time to write, record and 1969 together with Divine Comedy Records Limited are very proud to be able to say we will be releasing the Duckworth Lewis Method later in the summer to coincide with the Ashes in the UK. For anyone who is unfamiliar, the Duckworth Lewis Method is a concept album where the songs are either directly or tangently related to the great game of cricket. It is not however an academic exercise in how to love that sport but rather a warm, nostalgic and tongue and cheek look at the game and people who surround it and play it. Given Ireland's great advances in the game over the last couple of years, we are obviously hoping that there will be some considerable interest domestically for it and as well as internationally. We have already been getting great feedback from the UK and the Duckworth Lewis Method (Thomas Walsh and Neil Hannon The Divine Comedy) will be appearing both in Ireland and the UK on radio and television over the course of the summer to promote this.

We at 1969 Records are one of the very few to have head the album through and believe us when we say it is a combination of the best of Pugwash, the best of the Divine Comedy, and comprises a set of songs that really show the guys love for the game of cricket.

We will do a further update nearer the time and advise you where you can link into the shop to buy it but if you want to hear some initial tracks (early versions) you can go to for an appetiser.

There is plenty more afoot with the label, we are watching and listening to some younger bands develop, talking to other people about possibilities of getting work out and seeing where things can go from there. We are waiting for an album from Mr. Couse which we are promised "any day now" and we are hopefully going to have some good news for any A-House fans out there in the next few months as well so keep checking in as well. The promised documentary on LIR is also coming to completion, so more about that in due course too.

We will also be updating the 1969 myspace page so keep checking there for ongoing traffic and apart from that, here's wishing everyone the best for the late spring early summer you will hear more from us in due course and if anybody has any issues you can get in touch with us as and we will obviously to our very best to get what you want to you.

Cheers all.
1969 Records


Hey everybody,

As we drag through to the end of another gloriously wet Irish summer, we have at least got some good news to celebrate in the 1969 mansions.

On the release front, 1969 Records is delighted and very proud to be able to present- not only its first live album, but also a live album by one of the greatest of all Irish rock bands- LIR. LIR LIVE recorded in Vicar Street, Dublin and Whelans, Dublin in 2006 is available to buy from the shop on the site and in all good record shops in Ireland from 3 October.

Not only that, but the band are convening for a Tower Records, Wicklow Street in store on Saturday 4th at 1 p.m. and a gig in Whelan's, Camden Street that evening.

Tickets for the Whelans show are available on WaV and the show is bound to be a sell out.

Support on the night are LIR's great friends (and fans) PUGWASH and up and coming Northside group BEATROOT.

The record is fantastic and covers the cream of LIR's two studio releases, "Magico, Magico" and "Nest" and included are the hits, "In a Day", "Temple Child" "Halcyon Days" and "There are more Things" as well as a staggering 13 (yes13!!) other live belters.

Not content with that, 1969 Records is also very proud to bring you the second single the first on 1969.... from Dublin band THE GANDHIS. "Don't you wanna be loved by me?" will be on the forthcoming GANDHIS debut album and is a follow up from the very successful single "Zaza".

We will be posting formal launch details here in the next week or two to support this release as well. It will be available from the shop on the site towards the end of October, but we will let you know well in advance when and where you can buy it.

A specially commissioned video is already getting airplay on Channel 6 show Nightshift (thanks Elton and Michelle) and you will be able to check THE GANDHIS out up and down around the country. For those of you in Dublin, the lads are playing upstairs in Whelan's on Friday 19 and Friday 26 October and for anyone who was there at the last upstairs Whelans gig, the place was completely rammed so be advised to get their early or get your tickets bought in advance from WaV.

So all in all plenty going on.

Also, keep watching this space for some great news from an international perspective for PUGWASH in the coming weeks. We will post it here for you as soon as we have it.

1969 Records is supporting the Amnesty International, Small Places Tour 2008 throughout Ireland in the Autumn, so please check out your local listings to see what is available to you locally. Even if your reading this from foreign fields, there are over five hundred Small Places Tour gigs being organised on a worldwide basis so there is bound to be something close to you, please go out and check them out.

PUGWASH will be supporting the Republic of Loose in the Forum in Waterford on November 14th, the Pale have also committed to do something and before all of that gets going, the great DAVE COUSE (with Ferg and Rike) will be opening the Divine Comedy vs. Duke Special show in Vicar Street on October 14th.

The show is already a sell out, but if you keep an eye out you might be able to grab a ticket somewhere. It is Dave's first live show in what seems like ages so we are all really looking forward to it.

At the Lir gig on October 4 in Whelan's, there will be Small Places branding and anyone who is not already a member of Amnesty International should get along and join up to help promote rights throughout the world.

Thanks for now and we will be in touch very very soon.

1969 Records

June 2008

Hey all from everyone here at 1969 Records.

With the summer upon us, we are going to release a couple of singles over the next month or so to keep everybody in the happy summery groovy mood.

First off on 1 July, the Pale release Chocolate Factory b/w Lady Gregory. It is available on limited edition CD format from the shop on the site and will be in Road Records in Dublin.

For those of you more download inclined, the tracks will be available as free downloads on iTunes from 1 July.

The Pale are heading to the Czech Republic this month to introduce their acclaimed - The Contents of a Shipwreck - album to Europe and we have high hopes that things will go well for them there.

They continue to tour Ireland and just keep an eye out on the Pale website for fuller details.

Pugwash follow up the successful launch single - Take me away - from the album -Eleven Modern Antiquities- with -At the Sea b/w On with the Show- which will on release on 14 July. At the Sea, is a co write with the great Andy Partridge and features playing from Andy too. On with the Show is a cover of an Idle Race lost classic, and has been approved by most of the members of the original band, although we are waiting to hear from Jeff Lynne about it!!!

Again, it will be available in limited edition CD format through the shop on the site here as well as in Road Records and will be available for digital download from iTunes.

We are hoping to have a video made as well so keep an eye out for that over the course of the summer it is bound to be a bit of fun.

There is some ongoing activity in relation to the Pugwash album, and we have interest from distributors in the UK, Japan and the US for the album so we are talking to all those guys now and we will keep you all fully posted as developments occur.

We are still hoping to get the band over to the States later on in the summer so keep your eyes peeled on this website, the 1969 MySpace site or the Pugwash sites for fuller details of that as and when it happens.

Watch out on the site in the coming weeks and months for details of more album releases for later on in 2008.

It has been a great year so far so we just want to keep it going.

In terms of live performance, Pugwash are in Whelan's (upstairs) on Sunday 22 and 29 June and follow that with a downstairs (main room) gigs on July 12.

For any of you not going to Oxygen, it will be a good way to spend a summery Saturday evening and after the successful launch in Whelan's back in March where the lads played to a wedged room, we are hoping for some very serious repeat business.

Pugwash will also be organising some dates up and down the country, both band dates and stripped down (Thomas and Tosh) shows so keep your eyes peeled locally for those and keep checking out the Pugwash site for fuller details.

Ok, that is it for now hope everybody is well.


1969 records

Febraury 2008

The new Pugwash single - Take Me Away - goes on sale 22 February on iTunes so you should all be able to find it. it's also available on Amazon.

You can check out the video for it on the Pugwash MySpace site, the 1969 MySpace site and on YouTube.

For those living in Dublin, Road Records on Fade Street have physical copies of the single but you can also buy it if you want it in the CD format from the 1969 Records shop.

The album follows on 21 March next and we have been getting great vibes on it, so notwithstanding the fact that we've thought it a really great record for all this time, it looks like other people might be agreeing with us. it will be in all good record shops in Ireland, on the 1969 Records shop and is available to preorder on Amazon.

For those looking for a live Pug fix, the boys will hit the stage in Whelan's on 27 March to do their first live gig in what seems like an age, and there will be some very special guests there on the night so you have all been warned, get your tickets here so there will be no disappointmentment!

The Pale play what seems to be becoming their annual show at the Guiness Hopstore here in Dublin on Patrick's weekend (March 15 - 6.00pm) so if anybody is around, we'd love to see y'all at that.

Get on or out and BUY the Pugwash single, there's now a download chart in Ireland which means that no matter where in the world you are, if you invest the €2 (or equivalent) in the downloaded tune, we may be able to get Pugwash into the Irish charts (again). That would be two chart hits in a row...

Thanks to everybody and we look forward to talking to you all soon.

1969 Records

January 2008

Happy New Year to all our 1969-ers and best wishes for a great 2008 to everyone.

If you go over to the Pale MySpace site, you will see that Matthew and the band are putting up online tracks from earlier albums which have since been deleted. There will be a lot of interest in a number of tracks from the Pale's debut album in 1992 - Here's One We Made Earlier - and you will be able to get a good number of tracks from that album online.

Keep checking out the Pale main page as they are going to update it with additional albums in the coming weeks.

Great stuff indeed.

In March '08 we are going to release the second 1969 Pugwash long player so keep checking out all the sites for further information on that. The initial response to those who have heard the record has been phenomenal and we are all very excited here at 1969 about it. It is currently being mastered in California by the legendary Steve Hoffmann and if you check out his site you will see the sort of CV that man has. We are delighted that he is taking the time and interest to work with Pugwash and 1969 Records on this release.

There will be plenty of promotional activity around the release including live dates and plenty of radio so hopefully you will start hearing the first and lead track - Take Me Away - on the radio in the coming weeks. Take Me Away will go on release as a single in February and will be available in both physical format and online to buy.

Also in March this year, New Line Cinema is to release a movie called Pride and Glory starring Colin Farrell, Ed Norton and Jon Voight. It is a NYPD family drama about corruption and family loyalties and trust. We have not seen it yet, but an earlier Pugwash track - Anyone Who Asks - from Almanac features on the soundtrack so keep an eye out from that when it comes to town.

We will update you all with a little more detail as time moves closer around the release of both album and movie.

Best wishes to everyone

1969 Records

November 2007

The Pale release the second single from their critically acclaimed album - The Contents of a Shipwreck - on 26 October 2007. The single is called - The New Resistance b/w Good Ship - and is available at the shop here on the 1969 Records site for download direct from iTunes or in Road Records and other selected record shops around the country.

The Pale are currently on tour so check out their MySpace profile for details of upcoming dates and venues.

Pugwash are putting the final touches to their next opus - 11 Modern Antiquities - and Thomas Pugwash has put up a teaser site on MySpace where you can go and listen to extracts of some of the songs from the desk mixes. They're not complete by any stretch of the imagination, but will give a flavour of what's to come.

There has been a good bit of traffic through it already and we're getting some great feedback. Everyone at 1969 Records is very excited about it so go have a listen, a look and let us know what you think. There are some amazing players on the record, but the story is all up there so check it out.

Dave Couse played a great set at Electric Picnic recently and the new tracks that he is working on for his forthcoming album went down really really well. The band was stripped down and included the legendary Ferg Bunbery on guitar and Rike Soller on cello. Hoping to get some dates for Dave over the next while so keep checking out here or Dave's website for further details.

We've also set up a 1969 MySpace site. The purpose of this will be to get some rare or unusual tracks from 1969 artists up and available for y'all. For example tracks which may not find their way onto albums or remixes, live tracks etc. So feel free to drop by there, say hello and check out what we have up there from time to time. If there's anything ye want, just ask!! Obviously we'll use it to advise everyone what's going on in the world of 1969 Records and you can leave us messages and talk to us directly through there.

Best wishes from everyone here at 1969 Records and we'll talk to you soon.

1969 Records

Spring 2007

After a great year in 2006, 1969 Records is delighted to announce that we kick off 2007 with the release of a new album and a new act for us

The Contents of a Shipwreck, by Irish band THE PALE will go on release generally through 1969 Records on 25 May 2007. We are very excited about this release having been speaking to Matthew and Shane of The Pale over the last number of months and watching the final stages of the album being put in place.

The album will be proceeded by a truly kick ass single, Elizabeth In Rags which will go to national radio on May 1 2007 in advance of the album release.

We will be updating the artists page to include The Pale and you will be able to link into their website and very active myspace site through the links there.

The Pale will be touring all over the country over the course of the summer and we have great hopes for this record for, as sure as we are it will move your hearts, it is definitely going to move your feet.

A limited number of the single will be available for sale on the website, so check out the shop for that and keep an eye out in the press and on radio over the coming months for The Pale who will be going to every corner of the country to spread the word.

In other 1969 related news, Pugwash are in the process of recording their new album, and from what we have heard it is going to be pretty special.

Dave Couse has reconstituted his working set up and is back playing with old A House mucker Ferg Bunbury. Anyone who is at the recent Sugar Club gig will testify that the new stripped down sound (piano/guitar/cello) is something pretty special already… and that is only after one gig together!!!

Dave is hoping to get Stateside at some stage this summer and we are in the process of planning a tour for him. There will also be further Dublin dates.

Watch out for all 3 acts in the summer festivals this year, but we will give you plenty of advance warning anyway.

That is about it for now, but do not forget to grab a copy of The Pale’s – The Contents of a Shipwreck as soon as it becomes a vailable, you wont be disappointed.

Best of luck to everybody and we will update the site very very soon.

1969 Records

December 2006 – update

Everyone at 1969 Records would like to wish all our extended family and friends the very best wishes for the Christmas period and for a great 2007. Heres hoping for some great music to come your way, including from our own little label. Please keep watching and we will have some good news on that front in early 2007.

The last imposition we have for you in 2006 is however for a very good cause.



If you click on the Pugwash site – - you will see the story of the genesis of the track and details of all the really talented people who gave of their time freely and without reservation to make it happen.

A big thank you to Rick O’Shea at 2FM who has been a great supporter of both the Brainwave cause and in particular the single over the last number of weeks and months and with any luck we will be able to do Brainwave a big favour and get the song into the charts.

Finally, keep watching and listening out for Pugwash and friends on the radio in the coming weeks, the lads will appear in full Christmas kit on December 9th on Turbidy Tonight on RTE1 and there are also TV slots scheduled for TG4, RTE afternoon television and TV3 over the coming weeks.

If you love the track, and we all hope that you will, please don’t be reticent about spreading the word to your friends and associates and if the mood takes ye, put in a request on any of the national or regional radio stations in Ireland.

For our foreign cousins, please be aware that any online sales, no matter where they take place in the world, will count towards chart placing in Ireland, so don’t be shy and if you feel like helping out for a good cause, and bear in mind its only €2.99, then please do so.

Anyway that’s enough from us at the moment thanks again to everybody who’s contributed to the success of the label in 2006, including in particular the acts themselves, and we look forward to seeing you out and about with new releases and plenty of live action in 2007.

Nollaig Shona Dhaoibh go leir.

1969 Records

November Update

Hi all, 2006 is winding down for the label but we have one massive venture left and more of that later.

Firstly, both Pugwash and Couse and the Impossible have rounded out successful years with superb headliner shows in the Village in Dublin. We have come a long way from trying to get bodies into smaller venues at this time last year, so many thanks for everybody who has come out over the course of the year to support either (or both) acts and of course many thanks to both Thomas and Dave and the bands for all the hard work that has been put in.

Over the year we have got Couse and the Impossible over to the UK for a headliner on a Saturday night in the Borderline, which was really well attended and we hope to get Pugwash over early next year when Keith and Aidan get back from their Australian jaunt.

Both Thomas and Dave are currently working on demos so we will hopefully have some good news in term of future releases really soon.

The last thing we need to get organised for this year is the Christmas single.

If you go to the shop, you will see that it is going to be available from the start of December. It will be in all good record shops and also will be available on line. As soon as we have details on exactly where on line we will post that up here and email around to the mailing list.

As everyone knows, its for a good cause, Brainwave, the Irish Epilepsy Association, do great work for people who suffer with epilepsy and we are delighted to be able to assist in this small way. So please go out and get your pals and families buying the single its going to be retailing somewhere in the region of €2.99 so its not a huge ask and as we said, its all for a good cause.

You will get information about it and whats going on in relation to it on the Pugwash site at and also at or the new Pugwash myspace site

We are also listening to lots of demos from some really interesting and original bands and hope to be able to bring something forward in the early part of next year in terms of information to you so keep posted here every now and then for further updates.

In the interim for anyone who has just arrived and hasn’t got around to purchasing the cd’s yet, we are having a bit of a sale in the shop, so if you go there you will see that the albums are priced a little lower than when originally released. We are hoping to see both Jollity and the World Should Know back in the stores at this lower price very very soon.

So once again thanks to everyone for all your help thus far.

PUGWASH and the IMPOSSIBLE do their bit.

Pugwash and Couse and the Impossible are doing their bit for BRAINWAVE the Irish Epiliepsy Association on October 12 when they will participate in BRAINSTOCK, which is hoped to become an annual event, so get out and support wont get a better Irish line up again this year.

full details are
Date: Thu 12th October 2006
Venue: Vicar Street
Gig: Brainstock - a night in aid of Brainwave, The Irish Epilepsy Association
Line up confirmed so far (in glorious alphabetical order!):
Boss Volenti
Couse & The Impossible
Emm Gryner
Penfold DM
Steve & Joe Wall
plus special guests to announced
Price: EUR27.50
Start: 7:30

Tickets are now on sale on Ticketmaster, so get some buddies involved and support what will be a good cause and a great night. so that's something we at 1969 Records hope to see all our friends at in October.


In other news, the revamped PUGWASH web site, will go live in the next week to 10 days so check that out. its pretty cool, and a big thanks to Micky Kelleher for all his hard work on that. drop by and say hello, tell the lads what you think of it.

Dave's site has also recently been revamped and is at there are some great video clips on that for new and old fans, so drop in there also.


in anticipation of the UK releases of THE WORLD SHOULD KNOW and JOLLITY, we got some good news in that JOLLITY is NUMBER 1, that's right!!NUMERO UNO in the sales chart with our friends at JOEROCKHEAD. although not yet released in the USA, we liked the guys at JOEROCKHEAD so much, we let them sell both albums early, and sales for both are very healthy. check out the site, its an online store at, and as you will see its a groovy little shop, cutting out the dross that most sites carry.

who said you gotta get away from where you start before you get appreciated at home.


Y'all know about COUSE AND THE IMPOSSIBLE in London and Ruby Sessions, Dublin, in the coming weeks. As part of the Hard Working Class Heroes Festival, the lads will be special guests in Pravda Dublin, on Friday October 13.we will see ye down the front.

PUGWASH are also booking a nationwide tour and the following dates have been confirmed......

Wed 11 Oct, the Spirit Store Dundalk,
Thurs 12 Oct, Vicar ST Dublin, Brainstock,
Fri 13 Oct, the Hub, Dublin, HWCH festival special guests,
Fri 20 Oct, the Stables Mullingar
Fri 27 Oct, the Village Dublin, with very special guest(s) tba.

more will be added in the coming days.

also check out our friend Jinx Lennon, who'll bring his Know your station, you gouger nation to the Sugar Club in Dublin in the coming weeks, so watch out for that.

thats it for now, so keep dropping by, and we will have some real exciting news over the next few weeks, so dont miss that.....cant say yet, but soon.

News Roundup
Sept '06

Good news for both Pugwash and Couse and the Impossible is that the two 1969 Records, albums are going to be released into the UK this autumn. Couse and the Impossible - The World Should Know will go out with Cadiz Music and Jollity will be available through Proper distribution

We are already excited about this and we're hoping to get some additional profile domestically on the back of it.

In other news, Couse and the Impossible return to London to play the Borderline on October 21st. It is a Saturday night so if anybody wants to get a little bit of early Christmas shopping done, it would be a nice tie in for a good night out. The last gig the lads played in the UK was a stormer as was their recent performance at Oxygen, so a live band at the peak of its powers in one of the most famous venues for rock music in London cant be missed.

Dave is also appearing in the Ruby Sessions in Doyles of College Green ion 26 September. Its 5 euro in for charity, so come along and support the Ruby Sessions and Dave.

We will hopefully be able to give you details soon of a Pugwash date in London as well.

We are also working on a tour around Ireland later on in the year to coincide with the release of Jollity in the UK and keep watching for some potentially very special news in the next month or so around that also.

Couse & the Impossible London gig

at the Water Rats Theatre, London on Saturday May 6th, Adm: £10, in aid of the Aisling Project. See here for further details.

Watch out for news of Couse & The Impossible at the Oxegen, the ultimate music festival July 8th/9th

Pugwash on the Late Late Show, Friday March 10th

Pugwash launch their new single 'This Could Be Good' with a live performance on March 10th. Don't miss it"

Dave Couse/Couse & The Impossible nominated for two Meteor Awards!
13th Jan '06

1969 Records is delighted and very proud to announce that both Dave and Couse & The Impossible have been nominated for two Meteor Awards 2006, the winners of which will be announced at the Meteor Award Ceremony in the Point Theatre, Dublin on 2 February.

Currently on the crest of a wave of recognition, "The World Should Know" has been nominated for Irish Album of the Year and on top of this, Dave has also been nominated for the accolade of "Best Irish Male".

New Releases

Both Pugwash and Couse & The Impossible will be releasing new singles in Spring 2006. Check here for details.

Live Dates - Spring 2006
10th Jan '06

Both Pugwash and Couse & The Impossible will be playing live dates to support the forthcoming single releases. Listen out for them in interview on local radio to tie in with the releases at the same time.

Debut Couse and the Impossible Album
4th Oct '05

Both Pugwash and Couse & The Impossible will be playing live dates to support the forthcoming single releases. Listen out for them in interview on local radio to tie in with the releases at the same time.

Pugwash release 3rd album, Jollity.
29th Sept '05

Pugwash formally launch their brand new third (and best) album Friday 23 September with an in-store at Tower Records, Wicklow Street in Dublin, at 6.00 p.m.

The Record will be available nationwide from Friday and is being distributed by our friends in RMG Ireland. See tour dates for upcoming appearances. The launch party is in Crawdaddy, Dublin on Thursday 29 September with support from Neo-Supervital. Doors at 8.00 p.m. Tickets €12.00

Couse and the Impossible debut single 'Batman & Robin'
16th Sept '05

Couse and the Impossible debut single 'Batman & Robin' is now available in all good record shops. Release date 16 September 2005.